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Heroes Chronicles Memory Edit

- Heroes Chronicles - Sword Of Frost GOG version
- Cheat Engine
- Memory info 
  from joerginger 

1. Play the game and look for Tarnum's stats

2. Open cheat engine and then open the game

3. Click memory view and search for Tarnum

Repeat until you find the exact position. Look for your armies. Usually you need to search 3 times. And after each search you must scroll and click the grid again to search more further

I have 40 Tryglodyte and 4 Harpy. So I must looking for 46 00 00 00 and 48 00 00 00 in each Tarnum's address accroding to joerginger list. (46000000 - Tryglodyte, 48000000 - Harpy). And after 3 times, I found it.

4. Memory explanation
I'm not interesting on armies. My focus is on skills and spells. Artifacts comes after because only Tarnum's skills and spells that will be transfered on to the next scenario.

The skills is tricky. They used 3 region. Skill's name, position and count. the position list order is the same as skill order on joerginger list. 

The artifacts are 4 bytes right after 00. I use 3 slots down to prevent error. They're appear on the backpack. Click the slide and it will regroup. If you add grail, it's not there. But if you go to the town, you can build it. So I suggest after you add grail, don't use other artifacts on your backpack, instead build your grail.

This is Tarnum after edited

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